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not stuck in a rut

Today is the 25th August, that means we are 4 months out from Christmas 
and two thirds of the way through the year. 

This past weekend I have spent in Hobart teaching some lovely people to make a doll of their own.
The weekend before that was spent at my brother's house enjoying a lovely meal and hospitality, kind of in honour of my birthday.

In about 6 weeks Louis will be moving to WA to begin his PhD and the house will return to its previous normal state of three occupants and numerous pets.

We are going to miss him terribly though the extra room will be nice.

Andy has managed to get his dream job for the long summer break and I am so pleased for him.

 Katie is going through all the changes that 17 brings on her way to being a grown up and I see her changing and growing  in mind and spirit and wonder at how it all happens.

And Stephen seems to be finally fully aware of just how good he is at his job and  is enjoying the comfort and confidence that the mid fifties can bring.

Life is constantly changing isn't it, I don't seem to ever get the chance to get stuck in a rut but I love that we can cobble together some sort of rhythm to this household of  grown up family, that we can enjoy each other and share the way only  family can share.