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Diary of a Dollmaker

September 1st.

Resolve to keep on track and not be tempted to start a hundred different projects.
Make a list of the dolls to be made for the rest of the year, the custom dolls and the dolls in my head.
Look on Facebook at what is going on in Dollyworld today. Resolve not to look so often. It's so hard for me not to compare my work with the work I see on there, my business with the businesses I see on there.

Make a good cup of coffee and sit down to today's jobs but am immediately drawn to a doll I made yesterday and feel a pang of happiness at the sweet shape of her face. I absolutely love this doll, just like this, no face, no hair, no clothes just sweetness.

Decide I will only make this size doll for the rest of the year, Mabel dolls, a whole family of them, a whole neighbourhood, a whole schoolyard, a whole village.
This size doll and my custom dolls and maybe a Jammy Kiss or two.

This makes me feel more settled.
I drink my coffee.
I start my day.