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Natalie the give away doll

Little Natalie is a give away doll to thank you all for your support over the past year.
I am not sure how many people read my blog regularly now because I don't often look at the stats but my Facebook page has reached 3550 likes so I guess that means there are a few people who regularly see what I make and have stuck around.

Whether you see on work on my blog, on Facebook, on Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram
welcome and thank you. It's so nice to have someone to share my work with.

Now as I said, Natalie is a give away doll, it doesn't matter where you live you are most welcome to leave a comment on this blog post to offer Natalie a home.

She is around 15" tall, made from my scaled down Mabel pattern.
She is if course made from natural fibres, all except for the button on her neck warmer which is hand made polymer clay button from Tessa Ann.
Her hair is a organic plant dyed mohair from Pflanzenfaerberin
The gingham dress, the neckwarmer, pinafore, hat and boots are all made using my own patterns.
She is not suitable for children aged three years and younger.

To be in the draw for Natalie  please leave a comment on this blog post and make sure to include your first name and your email address so that I can contact you. 
If you are not comfortable leaving that information please comment and then email me your details at
Also if you have any trouble leaving a comment email me and I can add the comment for you.

This give away will close at 12pmAEST on Wednesday 19th November (Tasmanian time)
There will be no shipping cost and this offer is open to readers in all countries.

Good luck!

This give away is now closed.
The winner was Deborah

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.
I loved reading your comments and emails and I thank you for the wonderful way you support my work. ♥♥♥

What I have been making this week...

It's been a week of finishing off or at least moving ahead with some projects that have been hanging around for a while.
My big baby doll, 20" tall and quite heavy, has her hair and all her limbs now and with the next burst of energy she will have clothes. I haven't made a big baby like this for many years and actually had lost my pattern so I needed to draft a new one which was fine because there were a lot of things I didn't like about the original.

I got to and finished the clothes for my tiny bubbie doll and she found a home, she is flying the wide blue skies right now to get to her new home. 
I just love this new little pattern and I'm really pleased with the clothes I made for her. I really like it when the ideas I have in my head  become something tangible and are even better than I imagined.
I do intend to make a couple of more of these little ones before the year is out.

 And the give away doll is slowly progressing. Really she only needs her clothes now and I know exactly what I want to make so I must stop procrastinating.
I haven't made many dolls with mohair yarn hair this year 
and I do love the way it looks, so simple and sweet.
Anyway, hopefully very soon she will be ready to be my give away doll so keep an eye out for the blog post that announces it.

And my lovely Daisy finally got her hair and she is very pleased.
 Her clothes are a work in progress as I intend to make a full wardrobe for her.
I needed some entredeux to attach some lace to her underwear - does that sound very special. 
I haven't used this technique before, it most probably counts as  heirloom sewing.
Anyway I had to order some and wait for it to arrive. 
Postie delivered it today so now I can proceed.
I hope it turns out to be beautiful, I am really interested to learn some new techniques.
Wish me luck Jeannie.

So apart from sewing up a few doll bodies and making space for the large order of doll skin fabric that arrived and cleaning out the linen cupboard, that's about it for this week.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.